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Cole Trenton
Cole Trenton
Season(s) 10
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation Soldier (formerly)
Portrayed by: Travis Aaron Wade

Cole Trenton is a normal human being that lives in the normal world and has a wife and a son. He was a soldier that had been on duty overseas in the middle east but was now back. As a boy he witnessed Dean Winchester standing over his dad's bloody body with his dad's blood on his knife. Ever since then, Cole wanted to find Dean and kill him to avenge his father. When he finally found a lead on him, he went after him. First he tried to get him through Sam Winchester but unknowingly to him, he had become a demon and didn't care to fall into a trap by Cole for him. Cole let Sam go to lead him to Dean and then finally found him but couldn't kill him as he was a demon. Dean beat him up and let him go to stew over his failed attempt to avenge his father.

Cole then set out to learn about demons in order to fight and kill Dean. When he found Dean again, he had been turned back into a human which Cole was happy about because he could now get to him easier. Dean talked Cole down and informed him that the night he saw him over his father's body, that hadn't been his father. His father had been already killed and was replaced by a monster. Cole took what he said to heart and went back to his family.

When a Khan Worm possessed him and his friend, he was given a first hand look at how the Supernatural could change normal people into monsters. He asked Dean about the thing that took his father but Dean said that he wasn't sure exactly what it was.

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