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Claire Veronica Winchester is the sister of Jacob Winchester. She is portrayed by Cassi Thomson and Katie Cassidy.


Claire is Jacob's sister and twin, as they were born on the same day. Claire is not a hunter, but she is a nurse at a hospital and is the most helpful to her brother when he has gotten hurt in battle. Her relationship with Jacob is very strong but she is over protective of him, and doesn't want him fighting. She got a call from both Dean and Sam, who are her cousins, and they told her that Jacob was badly injured and needs her help. Claire finds out her middle name Veronica when Jacob called her by her full name. She was possessed by a demon but thanks to Sam the demon is out of her body though this almost killed her and it would have killed Jacob if something had happened to her. Unlike Jacob Claire isn't immortal and she can be killed but she wants to live forever like her brother because it would break her twin brother's heart if something happened to her.


Jacob Winchester

Jacob is Claire's twin brother and best friend. She is always calling herself Jacob's personal nurse when he is badly hurt from fighting. She cherishes Jacob more then anything on Earth because he is all she has left excluding Dean and Sam and both Dean and Sam know why they love her brother so much because they know if Claire lost Jacob she would commit suicide and Claire told her parents that if she did as well. Claire's bond with her twin brother seems to be getting stronger each time she is around him. She gives her twin brother her red leather jacket.

Dean Winchester (JL)

Dean and Claire are cousins. Claire likes to joke around with Dean.

Sam Winchester (JL)

Sam is Claire's cousin. Sam cares about his cousin a lot. 


  • Claire is played by two different actresses.
  • Katie Cassidy later portrays Claire.
  • She is a lot taller then Jacob making her the "big sister"
  • Claire is very precious to Jacob since she is the only sibling and family he has.
  • She hates insects, spiders, snakes, crocodiles, alligators, and sharks.
  • When she talks to Jacob she tells him she misses him and that she will join him on the road soon.
  • She is a nurse at a hospital in Ohio.
  • While in high school Claire was a cheerleader.
  • Claire truly loves her brother.
  • She like country music.
  • Claire wears a red leather jacket.
  • She fears her own brother because of his superhuman powers.
  • Her middle name is Veronica.
  • Her twin brother means a lot to her.
  • Before she quit her job she called Jacob and told him she coming with him because she loves him.
  • Claire had a boyfriend but she broke up with him because he was talking trash about her brother and Claire doesn't allow anyone to talk about Jacob behind her back.
  • She wants to help her twin brother with finding a girlfriend.
  • Her brother was her patient a few times prior to meeting Castiel and their parents death.
  • She cooks French fries.
  • Claire use to tickle Jacob and she still does.
  • She gave her red leather jacket to Jacob for protection.
  • Her students called her Ms. Winchester.


Cassi Thomson as Claire

Katie Cassidy as Claire