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Season(s) 6 (Light and Dark: Bloodlines)
Species Doll
Status Erased
Occupation Serial Killer
Affiliation: Horror Master
Family Horror Master (creator)
Portrayed by: Brad Dourif

Chucky was a version of the famous horror character created by the Horror Master. He was erased after the Horror Master's death.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic - Chucky had vast knowledge of voodoo magic and spells that aided him in his tasks.
  • Soul transferal - Chucky could transfer his soul to another body or doll body using voodoo magic.
  • Immortality - Chucky's soul could come back when someone said the spell and his soul would possess another or the same doll body he died in, which makes him immortal.


  • Heart - Chucky could be killed by stabbing or shooting him in the heart.
  • Horror Master - Since the Horror Master conjurate him, he could un-conjurate him. Even the Horror Master's death would make him not exist anymore.

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