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Cassandra 2
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation Doctor
Affiliation: Seattle Grace Hospital
Team Jailbreak
Family Pagan (husband)
Karen (daughter)
Portrayed by: Jewel Staite
"I guess you were under the delusion that I'd be cowering in fear just because Peter and Gadreel aren't here, sorry to disappoint."
―Cassandra to a hostile entity
Cassandra Anderson is the Chief Physician at Seattle Grace Hospital, the Wife of Pagan and the Mother of Karen.

After the Leviathan were released, Cassandra joined up with a group dedicated to releasing Michael and Lucifer from their Cage along with Gadreel, Mundus, Kevin, and Joshua.


Cassandra was born in 1972 and had a normal life without any supernatural occurrences, thinking those that experienced them were either tricked or insane.

Cassandra was in college when she bumped into Pagan who had chosen the name Peter, they held an attraction to each other due to their shared interests in helping people, he was impressed by her goal of becoming a surgeon to try to save people's lives and she liked that he was taking courses to become a therapist.

They got together when they were in college together and during their relationship Peter told her who he actually was, she didn't believe him at first so he took her to a star in the Andromeda galaxy and protected her from all negative effects from being both in the vacuum of space and directly exposed to the intense heat of a star.

Later on, they got married and had a daughter named Karen, whom they discovered held great abilities and helped her learn to control them.

Present Day

Cassandra and Pagan were in their house preparing to meet Karen's boyfriend when Pagan felt Michael and Lucifer fall into the cage. She saw him space out while talking and realized he must have felt something happen, and upon asking about it, she encouraged him to go and help restore order to Heaven.

Directly after Pagan left for Heaven Karen and her boyfriend arrived at their house, Cassandra was amused by their timing and went to go meet him.

Roughly a year later, Cassandra woke up alone as Pagan had spent all day and night helping Heaven. She went downstairs to get some food and found Death sitting in her home, waiting to meet Pagan.

Cassandra later convinced Pagan to take a break from running Heaven, as she could tell he needed a small vacation, later asking him if there was life in the universe not on Earth and listening as he told her of an alien species that had worshiped him.

Pagan didn't leave his wife out of the loop while running Heaven and told her of the active attempts by Angels to stop Demons before they could do any harm.

After their vacation, Cassandra went home and took stock of their food, deciding to go grocery shopping and encountering Gadreel next to her car. The angel informed her of Pagan's decision to have him guard her, Cassandra trusted her husband's judgment despite hearing about the angel's previous failure with the Garden of Eden and agreed to let the angel attempt to redeem himself.

Cassandra took Gadreel with her to get some groceries, splitting the list between them and later asking the angel if he forgot anything. Gadreel didn't exactly understand her meaning and stated he remembers everything as he holds an angelic memory, resulting in Cassandra deciding to teach Gadreel modern communication skills.

In the parking lot, the two of them were confronted by three demons, who were attempting to take Cassandra hostage. Gadreel fought and managed to kill one before engaging the remaining two of them, gradually outmatching them in swordsmanship despite being out of practice while Cassandra snuck up and killed one of the demons in a surprise attack, allowing Gadreel to take advantage of the surprise and kill the remaining demon.

Death appeared and informed Cassandra of the incoming Winchesters.

Dean and Sam Winchester later caught wind of supposed demon killings in Seattle. Cassandra encountered the two of them in her front yard as they searched for whoever covered up the demon killing. Cassandra looked at the souls of the Winchesters and told them of their souls' status, namely that they are merely dimmed, not dark.

Cassandra later told the Winchesters that the coming war wasn't their job to stop and that Heaven was dealing with it.


Cassandra, as the Chief Physician at her hospital, is determined to help people overcome sickness and diseases and holds a great deal of medical knowledge.

Cassandra has shown that she is willing to give Gadreel a chance to let him be her bodyguard even though he failed to guard Eden, trusting that if Pagan had assigned Gadreel the task that her husband must see something in the angel.

Before Cassandra met Pagan she thought that while there might be a God out there those who claimed to of experienced supernatural things were either tricked or insane, but upon Pagan demonstrating his power, she realized that those people might have been telling the truth.

Powers & Abilities

Cassandra, while being a human, is very intelligent and strong, able to cure many types of monsters and combat demons. Her close proximity to a Primordial Being for years on end has also granted her powers beyond any human that are similar to certain Prophets.

  • Genius Level Intellect: Cassandra holds an incredible ability to process and understand information of various sorts, and can quickly work out solutions to complex problems in her field allowing her to adapt to changes in a patient's condition with impunity.
  • Medical Knowledge: As the Chief Physician at her hospital, Cassandra holds a great deal of knowledge about medicine and how to treat most afflictions of the human body.
  • Supernatural Medical Knowledge: Cassandra knows how to cure a multitude of supernatural conditions, even figuring out how to cure monsters that no one else has been able to, such as werewolves and wraiths.
  • Magic Proficiency: Cassandra knows how to use magic to a degree, able to ward areas from evil, and knows how to bind Horsemen. She is also able to utilize Holy Magic to injure malevolent and demonic entities.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combat: Cassandra is very skilled in hand to hand fights, able to hold her own against faster and stronger opponents such as monsters.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Cassandra is able to use knives and short swords to assist in killing monsters and demons.
  • Stealth: Cassandra showed a degree of proficiency in remain undetected by even supernatural creatures, able to sneak up on a demon and kill it without being noticed.
  • Extended Youth: Due to Pagan's presence affecting her Cassandra will retain her youth longer than any other human if she is routinely in his presence. Her youthfulness will deteriorate to normal human levels if Pagan is not nearby for a certain amount of time.
  • Supernatural Perception: Cassandra can feel a certain presence from non-human creatures due to being around Pagan for so long, she noticed that Gadreel was an angel due to his "bright" presence. She can also detect if a vessel is alive or not, however, she has to be looking at supernatural beings in order to sense what they are as seen when she was unaware of a group of demons that were approaching her location.


Cassandra has the basic weaknesses that every human has.

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