• MSB Creepypastas

    Hello, I'm new to this Wikia and I'd like to become a part of this community so I've got some questions. (Sorry if they've already been answered many times but I'll just ask anyway if it's okay :D)

    • Could I just add new pages without there being a Fanfiction or something (just asking, I don't know if I'd do this)
    • Could I add as many pages as I want (I'm working on a fanfiction that contains a lot of new information that cannot be squashed in the same page)
    • (To the people who have added new characters) Where do you get the ideas of which actors play the characters, because I don't have any ideas for that
    • (To the Fanfiction writers) Do you have any tips for writing and publishing them (The whole stuff with I don't know much abou…
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  • Kaestal

    New blog for this wikia, just a place to chat and be civil with each other. Lets take a load off.

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  • Twilight Despair 5

    Admin on the Canon Wikia of Supernatural. I have a question before, I go making my versions of characters.

    Billie the reaper, said something that I found curious. She said the (Empty). Like there is a void. Death made it seem like the literal meaning of Creatio Ex Nihlo wasn't accurate that God created the world out of the Darkness. Which some parallel darkness with nothingness. Hence the Darkness. Do y'all think the Empty was the void that even the Darkness originally came from?

    My theory is. The void was the original god, but had no will or persona. However, it had its first thought (calm), which resulted as the darkness. The darkness being a female in form, (left) the Empty moving if that can be seen. The Darkness ruled as an amoral force…

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  • Kaestal


    September 16, 2015 by Kaestal

    Greetings fellow wikia people! Is anyone out their?

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  • Divineoverseer

    I'm currently writing my own supernatural fanfiction that takes the place of Season 9 and after right from the time of the angels falling. I call it The End (Again) series and I have it on both AO3 and When I found this fanon wiki and read the pages of people who put some profiles of their own, I just knew I had to do it myself. It will help me keep everything about my series organized and is a fun way for followers of my series to keep track. Also its good to have visual aids to help my readers envision the new characters to be introduced into Sam and Dean's world.

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  • Mallory1646

    Hello everyone and welcome to Supernatural Fanon Wiki!



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