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"Hey! Watch it quiz!"
―Bella after being swiped at by Dean
Species Fairy (Tink)
Status Alive
Title/Alias Tinkerbell (by J.M Barrie)
Occupation Spy
Affiliation: Oberon
Family Oberon (Creator/Father)
Primordial Beings (Uncles)
Fairies (Siblings)
Angels (Cousins)
Reapers (Cousins)
Nephesh (Cousins)
Portrayed by: Keira Knightley

Bella, also known as Tinkerbell, is a fairy from Avalon and one of Oberon's creations.


Bella was created by Oberon long ago, and she was made to be capable of assisting her creator's more combat focused creations in the event that they enter into a war.

On one of her many escapades to the mortal universe, Bella was encountered by a man named J.M Barrie, who wrote of his experiences in Neverland and the mystical properties of the area.

J.M Barrie renamed a few individuals in his stories, referring to Bella as "Tinkerbell" once he was sent back to Earth.

Bella would occasionally return to Earth and check in on her friend, returning to Neverland and telling Peter and his friends of how he was doing.

Present Day

Oberon visited the Winchesters during their drive through the state of Oregon, giving them a new job to go on and later approached Bella, asking her to assist the Winchesters in tracking down Eve.

Powers & Abilities

As a Tink, Bella has rather extensive mystical abilities.

  • Near Agelessness: Bella, like all Fairies and Guardians of Avalon, has a very long lifespan, enough to be mistaken for Immortality by many.
  • Size Manipulation: Bella can increase her physical size to human levels when needed, with her larger form being suited for combat and her smaller one for stealth. She can change size with ease.
  • Super Durability: Bella is very durable, especially considering her rather thin frame.
  • Super Strength: Bella has a great amount of strength in both of her forms, able to slap two fully grown men hard enough to make them lose their balance. A full force punch from Bella was able to make the Mongel Castiel stagger for a moment.
  • Super Speed/Reflexes: Bella is capable of moving at high speeds and holds impressive reflexes, setting up a Barrier fast enough to halt Claude's blitz.
  • Powerful Magic: Tinks are knowledgeable of many types of magic which Bella used to create a Hexagonal Barrier that was strong enough to withstand three punches from the Alpha Vaewolf. Despite her mastery of magic, she can be exhausted by prolonged usage with her spells weakening after too many uses. She also does not know the workings of time travel spells, despite being aware of them.
  • Flight: Bella can fly with her wings and reach high speeds while doing so.

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