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Species Angels (Formally)
Status Deceased (Killed by Mavis and Samael Winchester)
Title/Alias The Devil
The Torture
Fallen Angel
Occupation King of Hell
Affiliation: Hell
Kings of Hell
Family Lucifer (Older Sibling)
Asmodeus (Oldest Brother)
Mephistopheles (Older Brother)
Leviathan (Older Sister)
Demons (Siblings)
Abaddon (Younger Brother)
Mammon (Younger Brother)
Mephistopheles (Older Brother)
Amaimon (Younger Brother)

Beelzebub was one of the Kings of Hell prior to the start of the series. According to Samael, who said to have fought him, was the most cruel Demons he has ever met. Beelzebub was known to be a former angel but fell alongside Lucifer, and did many other rather powerful angels. He's angelic name was Daniel, a angel, and formally one of the Watchers. Daniel means "God has Judged".




Powers and Abilities

Beelzebub's abilities was never revealed, but its assumed that he would have the abilities of any Demons. However due to his ranking has a King of Hell, he would know High-Level Abilities.

Special Powers

According to Samael, and Archibald, these are the special powers Beelzebub has.

  • Chronokinesis - Beelzebub can travel backwards and forwards through time, and stop a certain objects time also.
  • Torture - Beelzebub is able to torture anything with is mind, and the torture would be 40 times more worse then Hell or Heaven.


Beelzebub's weaknesses was also never revealed, however its assumed if be the weakness of every demons.


  • In Christian demonology, Beelzebub is one of the Seven Princes of Hell.
  • Beelzebub or Beel-Zebub (/biːˈɛlzɨbʌb/ bee-el-zə-bub or /ˈbiːlzɨbʌb/ beel-zə-bub; Hebrew: בַּעַל זְבוּב‎, Baʿal Zəvûv; Arabic: بعل الذباب‎, Ba‘al adh-Dhubāb) is a contemporary name for the devil.

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