Still-of-natalie-portman-in-star-wars -episode-ii-attack-of-the-clones-large-picture
Alias: none
Season: 8
Species: vampire
First seen: Blood brother
Last seen: ?
Powers: regular vampire powers
Status: Alive


Affiliation: Winchester Family.
Location: Earth
actor Natalie Portman

Ava is a vampire who first appeared in season 8 of Supernatural. She is a goodfriend of Benny and a constat ally to the Winchesters.

Early History

Ava was born in the late 1600s in Engand. Her family was involved in the Supernatural and hunted demons and vampires when they came to closeto their home. Ava was a middle child of 6 children as the 4th oldest. And since she was one of the 4 girlsshe was oftn ignored.unlike her older brothers who were praised for their work in the Supernatural.  She hated this and felt left out especially since they under estimated her. One day she overheard her father and brothers talking about a vampire. They gave away his location and she pursued him. However she  was easily captured. He turned her just as her father and brothers camein. They weregoing to killher but she fought them off and ran away.