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Artie Jones



Season(s) 12 (Light and Dark)
Species Spirit (in Heaven)
Ventriloquist Dummy (formerly)
Human (formerly)
Status Deceased
Title/Alias The Dummy
Occupation Hunter
Affiliation: Winchester Family
Portrayed by: Marti Matulis

Arthur "Artie" Jones, also known as The Dummy, was a hunter trapped in the body of ventriloquist dummy. After Khan was killed by Gabriel, Artie was freed and died peacefully.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality - Artie's soul was trapped in the body of ventriloquist dummy by Khan. He was immortal and was over 120 years old.
  • Human Abilities - Artie was very skilled hunter and had various other skills.


  • Connection to Khan - Artie was physically connected to Khan and if Khan was killed then Artie would be as well, freeing him from his ventriloquist dummy's body.


  • Knife - Artie was very proficient in using knifes.
  • Gun - Artie was very proficient in using guns.

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