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Arnim Zola



Season(s) 5 (Light and Dark)
1 (Men of Letters)
Species A.I.
Human (formerly)
Status Deceased (killed by himself)
Title/Alias Bio-Fanatic
Occupation Scientist
Affiliation: Thules
Portrayed by: Toby Jones

Dr. Arnim Zola was the lead scientist of the Thules who became an A.I., after death.

He was killed many years later by himself, after sending an incoming missile to target the base.

Powers and Abilities

  • Technology Interface - Arnim had been able to control doors, remotely locking them whenever he wanted and manipulate some information through the computer systems, meaning that his control over technological systems does not end within the base. He had also being able to watch through cameras placed in almost everywhere in the base and control a missile sending it to kill the Winchesters including the base.
  • Electronic Manipulation - Arnim was connected to the computers and prove to be able to control any electrical object within the base. He took command of many machine guns and his robot body in attempt to kill the Winchesters.
  • Holographic Projection - Arnim had the ability to move from a place to another through the computers in seconds and appear as an hologram through projectors, which are at some certain places.
  • Immortality - Since he is an A. I., he is incapable of aging, after assembling a vast array of computer banks into which he was able to store his mind.
  • Genius-level intellect - Arnim has an amazing intellect. He was able to design advanced equipment and weaponry far beyond the technology level of his time.


Former Equipment

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