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Archreaper Scythe
Arch Reaper Scythe
Manufacturer Death
Use Combat
Powers Can kill Monsters, Demons, Leviathan, and Archangels
Location/Status With Malthael

The Archreaper Scythe is the personal weapon of Malthael and is able to reap anything in existence except the Primordial Beings, Four Horsemen, and Amara. It is slightly more powerful than an Archangel's personal weapon.

This weapon was in the possession of Hell for some time, with Crowley giving it to Dean in the assumption that it was Death's Scythe, and Team Free Will used it in their attempt to stop the Horseman from releasing a massive storm system from Chicago.

It was never used by the hunter as Death made the scythe burn red hot and caused Dean to drop it before reclaiming it.

At some point after the apocalypse was averted Death returned this weapon to Malthael.

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