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Season(s) 2-7, 9, 11-13
Species Primordial Entities
Status Extant
Occupation Ruler of Heaven (Michael, Raphael and Lucifer)
Ruler of Hell (Lucifer)
Pagan God (Gabriel)
Affiliation: Host of Heaven
Winchester Family (Gabriel)
Demons (Lucifer)
Pagan Deities (Gabriel)
Crowley (Raphael)
Family God (father/creator)
Angels (siblings)
The Darkness (aunt)
Dean Winchester (Michael's True Vessel)
Sam Winchester (Lucifer's True Vessel)
Jack (Lucifer's son)
Portrayed by: Various

Archangels are winged celestial beings created by God. God created them before any other angel type, i.e. Seraph, cupid or other creatures, although the Leviathan might predate them.

According to God, they were made with Primordial energy and components and while he is able to resurrect them it would take time.

They were created in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel.

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Darkness of the Light

Light and Dark

The End (Again)

The Primordials


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