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Season(s) 10
Species Angel
Status Deceased (killed by Castiel)
Affiliation: Samael
Family Angels (siblings)
Portrayed by: Jessica Alba
"Humans are always willing to do what you want when you tell them what they want to hear. But when they hear you speak against their desires, that's when they resist."
She is an angel that started to descend onto humans and give them random and crazy commands and claimed that God commanded them to do these crazy things. She found amusement on the actions that humans would go to if they believed that they were being singled out by God. For her heresy and debauchery she was locked away in Heaven's prison. She was one of the 13 inmates locked there until they were freed due to the Fall.


Anita was gathered up by Metatron to join Samael's ranks when he tried to muster up the renegades. Anita was present at a meeting nearly a month after Michael was freed. Samael was getting the recent updates concerning Michael's movements. Tyrus also reported that Castiel was found. Samael then tasked Anita with trying to bring Castiel to their side or eliminating him if he refused.

Anita then appears before Castiel and Hannah, who had come to also plead for Castiel's help against Michael. When she introduced herself to them, they were less than happy to be approached by one of the renegades. Anita asked to speak with Castiel and even invited Hannah along to speak about their futures. She then pulled them aside to a private place where, after some heated words were exchanged between the three of them, she told Castiel of Samael's offer to join with him against Michael in exchange for having his grace restored, along with his wings, and for his strength to be at full.

Castiel refused and, per Samael's orders should he, Anita attacked. She easily tossed Castiel aside in his weakened condition. Hannah tried to help but Anita knocked her aside. Castiel grabbed at Anita's heels to try to hinder the renegade but he kicked away his attempts and brought her blade on his face. She told Castiel of Samael's order and said that he should've chose them as he really had no other options left and now she would put him out of his misery. Hannah dove and thrust her blade into Anita's leg to try and save Castiel. The pain from her doing that made Anita cringe and Castiel went and took her own blade and brought it down on her other leg successfully crippling her. Anita taunted Castiel and Hannah by telling them that killing her brought nothing. He told her that she was wrong and then went and cut out her grace and absorbed it into herself. 

Once she was rendered mortal, Castiel used his newly recharged grace and smote the renegade from the inside out. Castiel gave her body to Hannah as a way for her to use it as a means to gain favor with Michael and the Powers so that her faction could join them and be safe.

Facts and Trivia

Anita means roughly full of grave, variety, and favor.

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