Species Primordial being
Title/Alias the Darkness
Affiliation: Army of Darkness
Family Chuck Shurley (brother)

Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel (nephews)
Angels (nephews)
Jack Kline (grandnephew)
Juli (grandniece)

"my brother always had terrible taste in men"
―Amara to Castiel
Amara, also known as the Darkness, is a primordial being more powerful than the Lord God almighty himself.


Before the Universe was created, God sealed Amara away using the combined powers of himself and the four archangels who he created for that purpose.

Trapped away and sealed using the Mark of Cain (because destroying Amara would also destroy existence; one can't have light without darkness), Amara started plotting to escape, by forming an Army of Darkness that would defeat God and seal him away in Amara's place.

Using her powers, she communed with Lucifer in order to recruit him for the Army of Darkness, taking advantage of his low self-esteem. She promised to return Lucifer's full powers to him, which were taken away by God following the failed rebellion. Amara also granted Lucifer time travelling abilities, which he used to recruit more members for the Army of Darkness, including Samyaza.

After Lucifer and Sam fused on the top of the Empire State Building, Amara realised that the Army of Darkness would not be able to take over Earth, so she launched the corrupting darkness in order to corrupt the graces of all the celestial beings on Earth and retreated.

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